UPDATED: Chiasmus in John Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Hi all, this post is an updated version of the post I wrote during summer 2018. What is chiasmus? Chiasmus is a rhetorical figure in which the words, structure or concept of a text are repeated in reverse order to form a pattern similar to ABBA or ABCBA. Why does Milton use a chiastic structure … Continue reading UPDATED: Chiasmus in John Milton’s Paradise Lost.

My Cambridge University HE+ Award!!

Lovable Literature

This week has been an absolute blur of excitement! I have succeeded in something which I never thought was possible making myself and my family proud. This post is dedicated to my unbelievable achievement on winning the Cambridge University HE+ award. Keep reading to find out about the scheme, my literary themed poster, presentation and much more!

About the Cambridge Higher Education Scheme.

Recently, I have been taking part in a Higher Education scheme run by Cambridge University. The scheme combines four prestigious colleges in the North West of England and includes students who are capable of achieving the highest A level grades. Due to my six A*s at GCSE, I was lucky enough to be automatically enrolled into this scheme. Since the 8th November 2017, all students have been learning about Cambridge University and how to make a successful application. As part of the scheme, we have had to…

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The Geographical Relevance of Transylvania in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Hi everyone, In this post I will be discussing the geographical features of Transylvania that define Dracula as a Gothic novel. As you may already know, or can probably guess, I am an English Literature student. Yet, I also study geography as one of my three A level subjects. This subject choice was inspired by … Continue reading The Geographical Relevance of Transylvania in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.