John Milton

Milton was born in an era of great British history. His birth was in 1608 during the reign of James I and he later studied at Christ's College, Cambridge during the reign of Charles I and raised his four children under the reign of Charles II. He published Paradise Lost (10 books) in 1667 shortly … Continue reading John Milton


Dame Rebecca West

Rebecca West played a major role in 20th-century literature as a successful author and literary critic. Her most famous novels include: Black Lamb and Grey Falcon; The Return of the Soldier; The Fountain Overflows; and The Judge. She is often highly regarded as an ardent feminist as in a famous quotation she proclaims: “I myself … Continue reading Dame Rebecca West

William Inge

Who was William Inge? William Inge was an English author, Cambridge graduate and professor present from 1860 until 1956. He is the author to over thirty five books based on mysticism, Christianity, ethics and contemporary issues. He was often given the epithet of the 'Gloomy Dean' as a reflection upon his melancholy and pessimistic character. … Continue reading William Inge