Originally set up to promote intrigue in my university applications, the site ‘Loveable Literature’ has quickly grown to become both my academic and personal voice online. Investing my time blogging here is key to developing and sharing my literary interests with likeminded people, while recording the most pivotal stages in these two main aspects of my life.

The blog name ‘Loveable Literature’ is pretty self-explanatory in communicating my, completely cliche, love for literature; writing my own literary reviews and experiences in a safe space for myself and other avid readers of poetry and classical literature.

Even after my success in securing unconditional offers at two of my top choice universities (ignoring the fact that I got rejected from Cambridge, whoops), my blog has primarily remained a private hobby of mine, kept secret from the majority of close friends and family, and is definitely one of my favourite pastimes.

Therefore, if anything, writing this blog is therapeutic; acting as a healthy distraction from the turbulences of my daily life and organising my hectic thoughts into a logic order.

I hope that my readers enjoy exploring the content posted both on my personal and literary blog as much as I have enjoyed and benefited from writing it.

Navigation- There are two main sections to my blog:

  • My Literary Blog– here I talk about all things Literature: book reviews, my assigned meaning to poems, literary influences, drama performances and essays. Basically, the initially intended content for this blog.
  • My Personal Blog– this is where I record my thoughts and the more personal aspects of my life. Not exactly like an online diary, but possibly something I could regret in future- eeeek it’s fun anyways 🙂

Finally, this blog is designed as a safe place where all opinions are valued and comments welcomed, so feel free to comment on my posts or head to my contact page to send me a message. Just keep it friendly.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you,

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