Hi all,

Seeing as it looks like we’ll be isolating for quite a while longer, I thought I’d document what has been a pretty good week in my lockdown experience so far- maybe even the best!

In recently reading the quote:

“Stop counting the days and make the days count.”

The idea really resonated with me that, for those of us who are staying in the safety of our own homes, we have more time than ever to pause and reflect on our personal selves, what we want to achieve and how to do this with upmost personal understanding and care.

This post will show how I value and use my time wisely amid the gradual lifting of lockdown in compliance to British guidelines.

Sunday: My Average Day in Lockdown.

Every morning I start my day with porridge, alternating between peanut butter and cinnamon toppings, and a warm lemon water and/ or coffee.

I’m most productive in the early hours of day so did an hour of work on my latest book review, Hilary Hinds’s A Cultural History of Twin Beds, while letting my breakfast digest before a Sunday run.

Today, I am reading and making notes on Hilary Hinds’s book “A Cultural History of Twin Beds” to write a book review for my university journal.

An easy 5K is my new favourite way to start the morning: an instant mood boost to destress and get that runner’s high!

The rest of my day was pretty relaxed with more work, coffee and an hour call with my boyfriend.

After having tea, watching a TV series and chatting with with my parents, I like to end my day. This seems to be the average day in lockdown for me and I pretty much like it.

Monday: A Morning in Daresbury.

My recent post on Lewis Carroll’s Walking Tour through Wonderland was based in Daresbury: a place, in close proximity to home, that I have never been. So, as a refresh from the work I did yesterday, me and my mum planned a socially distanced walk around the farmer’s fields in Daresbury with our cavapoo pup, Florence.

We joked about finding my dream house- a luxury modern build surrounded with sheep.

This day was so lovely as it was refreshing and different from my usual routine. The only thing that could make it better were my three favourite things!

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Lindt chocolate and Baileys Irish whiskey cream!

Tuesday: Another chilled day.

5k run, work, lots of coffee and completing my to do list, while cuddling Flo!

Wednesday: Back to Daresbury!!… but with a picnic this time.

As Daresbury was such a success for me, my mum and Flo on Monday, we decided to invite other family members to enjoy the Lewis Carroll walk and make the most of the temporary sunny weather.

We met my sister, niece and nephew on the usual car park for our walk and a socially distanced picnic to finish.

Thursday: My Mum’s Birthday.

Thursday was one of my favourite days in lockdown so far!

I started the day with an exchange of birthday wishes and presents for my mum over breakfast; then went on my morning run, freshened up and made some scones for a family picnic.

I thought the giraffe shaped bread, shown above, that I made my cheese and ginger sandwiches with is worth noting as that made me laugh quite a bit. While, just before the picnic I received an A grade on my latest, and final, philosophy assignment so that made me smile even more.

On our way to the picnic we quickly bought a kite which, albeit a tackle to set up, was fun to use in between the birthday cake and nibbles.

In the afternoon, we spoke to my sister in the garden with even more cake and an aperol spritz. But, by the evening, we just had a nice relax after being so busy with birthday celebrations.

Friday: Chill day. Gemma Collins podcast.

With the excitement of Thursday, I wanted to use Friday to get some work done and just have a relax. I had a lovely walk, while listening to the Gemma Collins podcast which never fails to make me giggle.

In settling down to watch TV for the night, I realised that I had a tan line that was a lot less glamorous than the GC.

Saturday: Run and sunbathe.

Before it got too hot, I went for an early morning 5K so that I could spend the rest of my day working and evening out that horrendous tan line. Working, while sunbathing is pretty much my favourite thing to do at the moment!

In the late afternoon, we visited my sister in her garden for some Colin the Caterpillar Cake (best cake going) and a mini water fight for Flo with my niece and nephew.

Sunday: Lancaster Picnic.

On Sunday, we went to Lancaster so that I could meet my boyfriend for the first time in 10 weeks- which was tough, having to stay more than 2m apart- and we had a picnic with a stunning view of the Garstang river.

We had planned to visit the best ice cream parlour in the area, however they had closed early for the day… until next time.

And this ended my week!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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