Recently, me and my parents spent a day visiting the village of Haworth in order to experience the Brontë Parsonage. The day was both extremely educational and enjoyable as I am currently studying the text of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë for my English Literature coursework. Upon arrival at the Brontë parsonage, I had a limited and vague understanding of the Brontë sisters and by the end of the day, I had a clear understanding and contextual knowledge of their lives.

When driving towards and within the town of Haworth, I was amazed by the extremely steep, narrow streets and the beautiful scenery. I have decided that on my next visit to Haworth, I would love to walk the dogs across the vast moors. It is so easy to imagine the characters of Jane Eyre and Heathcliff striding amongst the moor and it would be great fun to do the same, especially with Belle and Tinca.

When in Haworth, we first spent our time observing the little town shops and bakeries. We bought a few cakes at the bakery and ate them with our picnic before going to the parsonage. I would recommend the millionaire shortbread to anyone who visits the bakery shown on the right of the image below!☺️


When walking around the Brontë parsonage, I was fascinated at the restoration and preservation that has been maintained to a high quality in each room. We were able to walk through the house with a vivid imagination of the happy memories that each Brontë family member must have experienced whilst living there. In the nursery room, you can still faintly observe the pictures which was naughtily drawn by the Brontë children in their youth. The parsonage provided me with a strange and almost eerie feeling knowing that the words that I’ve read and studied were carefully written in those very rooms almost two centuries ago. This feeling was especially prominent when viewing the couch that Emily Brontë is thought to have passed away on. The whole experience left me feeling a sense of awe and amazement as it brought the Brontë literature to life in my mind. Although, I felt a great depth of sadness over their early deaths and the thought that neither Emily, Charlotte or Anne would have seen the great extent of their success. Especially since the Brontë Sister’s talent and enthusiasm enabled women to begin to be respected as authors and poets within society. I think that we have a lot to be grateful to them for.

Before heading home, we stopped at a cafe on the village high street. I had a very yummy dark hot chocolate, as I was quite cold, and shared a slice of hummingbird cake with my parents. We had never tried hummingbird cake before and so were very intrigued!


I hope to soon return to Haworth when I have read more novels and poetry which is written by the Brontë Sisters. This would enable me to appreciate each sister much better as an individual and develop a stronger connection with their work. I will look forward to my next visit very soon…

Thanks for reading!☺️

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    1. It really was, thanks for reading. I’ve no idea about the reasoning behind the name, but it was made from banana, pineapple, cinnamon and pecans. It was very yummy and was so big that it had to be shared!😋


      1. oooh, thanks for the suggestion! I started that book ages ago but haven’t actually finished it. Now I’m gonna start again ❤ and yes, I love your post!


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